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Rachel Anderson


My name is Rachel Anderson and I am originally from Savannah, Georgia. I moved to Athens about two years ago when I transferred to The University of Georgia. This summer I will graduate with a B.A. in History. My family has had pets most of my life including dogs, cats, birds, and fish. As a freshman in college I started my own fur family and adopted a black cat named Asher. Soon after moving to Athens I got involved with a local rescue and fell in love with fostering. My fur family grew a little bit more when I adopted my foster Teddy, a two year old black lab mix. My favorite thing to do is taking Teddy on adventures. We love hiking and exploring new cities. We are seeing the world one trail at a time! I also enjoy cooking/baking, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends (both human and animal), playing basketball, enoing, and kayaking. One day I would like to become a dog trainer.

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