Dog Walking

30 minute walk $20

Package Deals: 

10 Day Package: $18/walk

20 Day Package: $16/walk

Walks are an excellent way for your pooch to get some fresh air and exercise! During walks, your dog will have the opportunity to potty, burn some calories, and get attention by one of our wonderful dog walkers. Walks include any special routes you'd like us to follow, harness/collar/leash instructions, waste pickup and a brief note with any info gathered while spending time with your beloved pet!

Individual Visits

Individual visits last generally around 20-30 minutes depending on the number of animals. These visits include a potty break, feeding, medications, cleaning litter boxes or other pet messes and lots of cuddles and love! If requested, we can also bring in mail, alternate lighting, close blinds, water plants or other special requests within reason.

Cats- up to 2: $18/visit

2 to 5 : $20/visit

5 or more: email for pricing

Dogs- up to 2: $20/visit

per additional pet: email for pricing

Pet care pricing may be subject to change, depending on your pets specific needs.

*A minimum of two visits per day are required for dogs

Overnight Care

An overnight is just what is says, we stay at your home to take care of your pets. There is a 2 night minimum stay for small animals (dogs and cats) and a 3 night stay minimum for large/farm animals.

Small animals: $60/night*
Large/Farm animals: $90/night**

*This service is offered within a 15 mile radius of downtown Athens. This is a base price for taking care of your pets and your house for an 8-10 hour period (at night). This does not include midday visits. The small animal price is for up to 2 pets, depending on the number of additional animals the price may increase.

**We only offer this overnight service within 15 miles of downtown Athens. This price includes up to 2 horses and 2 small animals. Depending on the size of the farm, the species of animals and work required plus drive time, the price may increase.

Pop In Visits

This service is specific to those who just need a quick, singular visit during a long work day or a evening/night out. During this visit we can feed, refill water bowls and go for a short walk or a potty break outside in the yard. We offer package deals for this service!

Dogs up to 2: $18

Additional: email for pricing

Cats up to 2: $15

2 to 5: $18

5 or more: email for pricing


10 Day Package: 10% off quote

20 Day Package: 15% off quote

Extra Perks

We proudly offer a variety of extra perks to better serve you and your pets. If you have specific requests that are not listed below, please contact us for more information.

Medication Administration: FREE!

Nail Trim (dogs and cats): $10

Bath (dogs):

<20 lbs $15

20-50 lbs: $25

50-75 lbs: $40

*Baths include nail trims, and brush out at NO extra charge!

Additional Playtime: $5/10 minutes