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Who Are The Critter Sitters?

In 2016, two pet sitters named Allison and Lindsay came together to form Classic City Critter Sitters. The duo put their heart and soul into establishing a pet sitting business with the help of several qualified pet care professionals. One of those exceptional caregivers, named Kirsten, became the primary pet sitter and in 2018 the torch was passed unto her to better serve the Athens area. Kirsten and her team of critter sitters offer unbeatable availability, affordable pricing, and members qualified to care for a wide variety of animals!

Meet the Sitters!


Kirsten Moore: Owner/Pet Sitter

In addition to being a dedicated pet sitter and business owner, Kirsten wears many hats in the pet AND working dog community. Ranging from rescue work, to competing in dog sports, to raising and training working dogs and being a professional dog trainer- there really isn't much she doesn't have experience in! Kirsten is a Search & Rescue K9 Handler, Tracking/Trailing/Narcotics instructor, certified obedience trainer and has titled multiple dogs in a variety of dog sports. In all to say...this business is operated by someone heavily committed to providing the BEST care for your pets!

The face of the company, all-star service provider, pet sitting jack-of-all-trades...whatever you want to call it, Tia is the best! She can easily be deemed a client favorite and has been working for the company for many, many years. When shes not spending time with Athens' best pets, Tia enjoys the simple things in life like; hanging out with friends or her two cats, and adventuring with her fiance and their new son. There are so many great things to say about Tia and how often clients rave about her, but we'll let you find out for yourselves in your next reservation!


To know Kim is to love Kim- both pets and clients! We absolutely lucked out in having such a caring, animal loving person on our team. Kim is our newest sitter, but it feels like she's been with us from the start in how well she fits in being such a professional, passionate pet care giver. In Kim's free time, you can find her taking long walks with her rescue dog Buster, spending time with her grand kids, or getting involved with her church community! It may have only been a short time that she's been pet sitting with us, but she has long been involved in dogs- her daughter is a dog trainer! We, and our clients, are thrilled to have Kim on board!

Kim Mirtsopoulos: Pet Sitter

Tia Lovinggood: Lead Sitter

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